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Orientation Sign Locations


"Orientation Sign" iconOrientation Signs can be used to find your place on the map.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Tchia Map

X: 3602 Y: 3278

Along the path leading north out of "Tingeting" iconTingeting.

Marker screenshot

2. Tchia Map

X: 8504 Y: 7536

Found on the way up to "Ga Ngazo" iconGa Ngazo.

Marker screenshot

3. Tchia Map

X: 2848 Y: 3801

This orientation sign can be found outside "Weliwele" iconWeliwele.

Marker screenshot

4. Tchia Map

X: 3684 Y: 4604

On the path outside "Hunahmi" iconHunahmi.

Marker screenshot

5. Tchia Map

X: 3918 Y: 4176

Located along the path that runs through the "Maano Camp" iconMaano Camp.

Marker screenshot

6. Tchia Map

X: 4364 Y: 4283

Across from the "Food Stand" iconFood Stand and Sculpting Stand.

Marker screenshot

7. Tchia Map

X: 4473 Y: 4721

Located along the path through Puru Boo.

Marker screenshot

8. Tchia Map

X: 4190 Y: 4569

Located along the path to Puru Jaa.

Marker screenshot

9. Tchia Map

X: 4080 Y: 4434

Located along the path to Puru Jaa.

Marker screenshot

10. Tchia Map

X: 4242 Y: 4941

This orientation sign is located on the path through "Dopwa" iconDopwa.

Marker screenshot

11. Tchia Map

X: 5483 Y: 5040

This "Orientation Sign" iconOrientation Sign is can be found on the path to Ezin.

Marker screenshot

12. Tchia Map

X: 5156 Y: 4937

This "Orientation Sign" iconOrientation Sign can be found at the top of the "Hua" iconHua canyon, across from the "Food Stand" iconFood Stand.

Marker screenshot

13. Tchia Map

X: 5184 Y: 4779

This "Orientation Sign" iconOrientation Sign is located north of "Hua" iconHua.

Marker screenshot

14. Tchia Map

X: 4323 Y: 3999

Located along the path north of the "Race Challenge" iconRace Challenge.

Marker screenshot

15. Tchia Map

X: 3273 Y: 3603

Located along the path thru Puru Bibiu.

Marker screenshot

16. Tchia Map

X: 2741 Y: 3090

Located next to the campfire along the path.

Marker screenshot

17. Tchia Map

X: 5539 Y: 4738

Located at the end of the path at Dok.

Marker screenshot

18. Tchia Map

X: 2746 Y: 2783

Located next to the "Food Stand" iconFood Stand at Jawe Do.

Marker screenshot

19. Tchia Map

X: 2914 Y: 2939

Located east of Jawe Do.

Marker screenshot

20. Tchia Map

X: 7541 Y: 8320

This "Orientation Sign" iconOrientation Sign is located in Ita.

Marker screenshot

21. Tchia Map

X: 8185 Y: 8546

Located north of the "Maano Camp" iconMaano Camp at Puru Mii.

Marker screenshot

22. Tchia Map

X: 9271 Y: 9611

Located near the capfire at Koilo.

Marker screenshot

23. Tchia Map

X: 9539 Y: 9727

Located along the path above the "Totem Shrine Door" iconTotem Shrine Door.

Marker screenshot

24. Tchia Map

X: 8384 Y: 9031

Located at the beginning of the bridge to "Xupi Maano" iconXupi Maano.

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