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Travel Medallion Prototype Key Item


Found inside the "Akkala Ancient Tech Lab" iconAkkala Ancient Tech Lab and is part of the Presenting: The Travel Medallion side adventure. Go to open the door to the lab to be attacked by a "Yiga Footsoldier" iconYiga Footsoldier and "Yiga Blademaster" iconYiga Blademaster. After defeating them both, enter the lab and open the chest for the Prototype.

In-game Description

"Robbie" iconRobbie reverse-engineered a travel medallion to make this prototypical version, but it’s unusable in its current state because it’s missing some important data.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Hyrule Surface Map

X: 16051 Y: 5948

Inside chest in the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.

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