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Lookout Landing Settlements

In-game Description

The first settlement you encounter in the game after landing on the Surface of Hyrule.

Settlement Characters

"Destroy Ganondorf" iconDestroy Ganondorf Main Quest
"Fera" iconFera NPC
"Karson" iconKarson NPC
"Lester" iconLester NPC
"Penn" iconPenn NPC
"Purah" iconPurah NPC
"Scorpis" iconScorpis NPC
"Spotting Spot" iconSpotting Spot Side Quests
"The Incomplete Stable" iconThe Incomplete Stable Side Quests
"Unknown Sky Giant" iconUnknown Sky Giant Side Quests
"Wanted: Hinox" iconWanted: Hinox Side Quests
"Wanted: Molduga" iconWanted: Molduga Side Quests
"Wanted: Stone Talus" iconWanted: Stone Talus Side Quests
"Who Goes There?" iconWho Goes There? Side Adventures

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Hyrule Surface Map

X: 9679 Y: 10049

A settlement that contains Shops and a Tower, useful for starting your adventure.

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