Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Video: Uncharted 4 - Just Floor It! Trophy (Ch. 17)

Just Floor It! (Bronze) - Drive away in the jeep with Elena without killing any enemies

During Chapter 17, there will be an enemy encounter (Get to the Car) where you need to make your way to your jeep. To get this trophy, you need to finish this encounter without killing a single enemy, which includes Elena not killing anyone. That means you will want to do the entire encounter in complete stealth, as if you alert enemies, Elena will likely kill someone.

You can easily do most of it by following the path in the video, keeping an eye out for enemies whenever you get near the end. Right before hopping into the jeep, there will be an enemy off to the right, as well as a heavy one that patrols near the jeep itself. When they aren't looking, quickly hop in and drive the path shown to clear the encounter and get the trophy. In the case that an enemy gets killed, you do not have to redo the entire encounter and can actually restart from the last checkpoint.

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