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Ulfar Companions


Few can match the glory of the Space Wolves, the fierce and proud sons of Leman Russ, bloodthirsty hunters from the world of Fenris. Ulfar set foot on the warpath many decades ago, and a trail of blood has stretched out behind him ever since. He enters every battle with a triumphant howl, for there is no fear of death for one whose saga will be reverently sung by his brothers in the Hall of the Great Wolf.

His violent temper and boyish desire for glory and boasting have not been cooled by his years of fighting nor by his ordeal of being held captive in the Dark City of Commorragh. Having joined the Rogue Trader’s retinue, Ulfar has resumed the writing of his saga in the Koronus Expanse, and the enemies of Humanity tremble at the sound of his battle cry.

How to Acquire

"Ulfar" iconUlfar is an unlockable companion who becomes available during Chapter 3. To recruit Ulfar, progress the story until you have access to the Anatomical Theater. As you head in, you’ll find a hulking man in a cage to your right. Exhaust his dialogue, and then talk to Tervantias. Select the dialogue option that you “want his time and are willing to pay for it” which allows you to ask for a companion.

Don’t do this yet, and instead progress the story until you complete the first arena fight, and you’ve looted the corpses of your victims, which should give you some “materials” for Tervantias. After the battle, head back to the Anatomical Theater to speak to Tervantias again, and hand over the materials you’ve acquired. Now, ask him again about releasing the companion, and you should be able to ask him to free the space marine (Ulfar).

Tervantias will ask you why he should let him go, so respond with the “Surely the loss of some Mon-Keigh could never impede the work of a great mind as yours” dialogue option. Tervantias is too proud to not agree to this line, and he’ll give you the Bone Key. Head on over to Ulfar again, unlock the cage and collect his gear beside the cage. Ulfar will now be a permanent companion for the rest of the game.

Ulfar Builds in Rogue Trader

Below you’ll find a list of available Companion Talents, unique Astartes Skill, and the Owlcat default "Soldier" iconSoldier and "Arch-Militant" iconArch-Militant talents you can choose from to create builds using Ulfar. We already have a dedicated Ulfar Build guide, containing a mixture of "Flamer" iconFlamer, "Melee" iconMelee, and shooter playstyles you can use for the character, and the recommended talents you should grab.

Companion Abilities

"Cautious Approach" iconCautious Approach Abilities
"Concentrated Fire" iconConcentrated Fire Abilities
"Confident Approach" iconConfident Approach Abilities
"Controlled Shot" iconControlled Shot Abilities
"Dash" iconDash Abilities
"Devastating Attack" iconDevastating Attack Abilities
"Entrench" iconEntrench Abilities
"Go for the Throat" iconGo for the Throat Companion Abilities
"Rapid Fire" iconRapid Fire Abilities
"Reckless Rush" iconReckless Rush Abilities
"Wildfire" iconWildfire Abilities

Companion Talents


"Accustomed to Glory" iconAccustomed to Glory Arch-Millitant Talents
"Adaptability" iconAdaptability Arch-Millitant Talents
"Alacrity" iconAlacrity Soldier Talents
"All Out" iconAll Out Arch-Millitant Talents
"Always Ready" iconAlways Ready Arch-Millitant Talents
"Armsmaster" iconArmsmaster Arch-Millitant Talents
"Awaiting Orders" iconAwaiting Orders Arch-Millitant Talents


"Blood Haze" iconBlood Haze Arch-Millitant Talents
"Breaking Attack" iconBreaking Attack Arch-Millitant Talents
"Broad Expertise" iconBroad Expertise Arch-Millitant Talents
"Brutal Hunter" iconBrutal Hunter Death World
"Bullet Hell" iconBullet Hell Soldier Talents


"Calm and Steady" iconCalm and Steady Arch-Millitant Talents
"Camaraderie" iconCamaraderie Soldier Talents
"Close-Quarters Training" iconClose-Quarters Training Arch-Millitant Talents
"Contempt for the Weak" iconContempt for the Weak Arch-Millitant Talents
"Critical Versatility" iconCritical Versatility Arch-Millitant Talents


"Dependable" iconDependable Arch-Millitant Talents
"Discipline" iconDiscipline Arch-Millitant Talents
"Dismantle" iconDismantle Arch-Millitant Talents
"Distract" iconDistract Arch-Millitant Talents


"Enough Bullets for Everyone" iconEnough Bullets for Everyone Soldier Talents
"Eternal Warrior" iconEternal Warrior Origin Talents
"Exploit Surroundings" iconExploit Surroundings Soldier Talents
"Exploit Weakness" iconExploit Weakness Arch-Millitant Talents


"Fired Up" iconFired Up Soldier Talents
"Flashfire" iconFlashfire Arch-Millitant Talents
"Focal Point" iconFocal Point Arch-Millitant Talents
"Forewarning" iconForewarning Soldier Talents
"Fortress" iconFortress Soldier Talents


"Heavy Gunner" iconHeavy Gunner Arch-Millitant Talents


"Ingenious" iconIngenious Arch-Millitant Talents
"Integrity" iconIntegrity Soldier Talents


"Lifetime of Scars" iconLifetime of Scars Death World


"Martial Art" iconMartial Art Arch-Millitant Talents
"Muzzle Velocity" iconMuzzle Velocity Soldier Talents


"On the Double" iconOn the Double Soldier Talents


"Point Blank" iconPoint Blank Soldier Talents
"Preferred Targets" iconPreferred Targets Arch-Millitant Talents


"Rack and Ruin" iconRack and Ruin Soldier Talents
"Rapid Reload" iconRapid Reload Soldier Talents


"Second Skin" iconSecond Skin Soldier Talents
"Shoot on the Hands" iconShoot on the Hands Arch-Millitant Talents
Stalwart Warrior Origin Talents
"Survival Instinct" iconSurvival Instinct Death World
"Survivor" iconSurvivor Arch-Millitant Talents
"Swift Slaughter" iconSwift Slaughter Soldier Talents


"Tactical Disengage" iconTactical Disengage Soldier Talents
"Tenacity" iconTenacity Death World
"Tenderise" iconTenderise Soldier Talents
"Trace the Trajectory" iconTrace the Trajectory Soldier Talents
"Trusty Weapons" iconTrusty Weapons Death World


"Unpredictable" iconUnpredictable Soldier Talents


"Wounded Beast" iconWounded Beast Death World
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