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Item icon
Shield of Faith (Ship)

+30% to the prow shield sector

Item icon
Battle Mastery

The Rogue Trader has received some of the best munitions and…

"Bastion" iconBastion Dargonus
Item icon
Master Raider

+20% scrap for winning space battles.

Item icon
Escort Ship

An escort ship arrives to assist the Rogue Trader in times of…

Item icon
Triumph Over the Expanse

All the inhabitants of the Expanse place their trust in the Rogue…

"Militia Navy" iconMilitia Navy Dargonus
Item icon

Ancient and fearsome weapons captured on the ship of the Archenemy’s…

"Sordid Goods" iconSordid Goods Dargonus
Item icon
Archeotech Repulsor Shield

Provides 125 points of protection for each sector. This amount…

"A Mechanical Trade" iconA Mechanical Trade Kiava Gamma
Item icon
Eye of the Omnissiah (Ship)

This augur system is connected to the mighty cogitation blocks…

Item icon
Titanforge Lance Weapon

This weapon design was developed in the Calixis Sector and boasts…

"Armoured Rage" iconArmoured Rage Kiava Gamma
Item icon
"Fangs of Janus" Macro-Weapons

These weapons were created by daring artisans from mysterious…

"Dark Experiments" iconDark Experiments Kiava Gamma
Item icon
Battle Servitors

In ship encounters, the Rogue Trader’s squad is supported by…

"Flawless Servitors" iconFlawless Servitors Kiava Gamma
Item icon
Sacrament of Light

An engine assembled by a mysterious clique of engine elders,…

"The Power of Plasma" iconThe Power of Plasma Kiava Gamma
Item icon
Triumph and Fury

A serpent of embossed lines coils around the barrels of these…

"Sky Barrier" iconSky Barrier Kiava Gamma
Item icon
Armoured Prow

This front-focused armour design concentrates the thickest adamantine…

"Inferno (Kiava Gamma)" iconInferno (Kiava Gamma) Kiava Gamma
Item icon
Unerring Shots

The cannoneers recruited from the warlike tribes of Vheabos VI…

"Test of Wills" iconTest of Wills Vheabos VI
Item icon
Diligent Cannoneers

+10% to critical hit chance with macro-cannons

"Penal Battalion" iconPenal Battalion Vheabos VI