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Flame Enamelled Armour Armour

Category iconLore

The air around this armor shimmers, oven-hot. From the seams of the armour you can hear a red-tinted rumble, like coals, digesting in a furnace.

Category iconEffects/Special Abilities

  • Seldom Caught Unawares: You gain +2 bonus to initiative rolls.
  • Endurance By Fire: You have Resistance to "Fire" iconFire damage and a +2 bonus to Saving Throws.
  • Disadvantage on Stealth Checks
  • Fire Shield Warm: 2d8 Fire damage (conditional). Scorching Flames shed light in a 3m radius. You take only half the damage of all "Cold" iconCold damage, and deal 2-16 fire damage to anyone who hits you with a melee attack.

Location / Where to Find

Found inside "Wyrm's Rock Fortress" iconWyrm’s Rock Fortress. You need to break into the locked area on the Southwest side of the fortress, next to the Wyrm Fortress Waypoint. When inside check the chest at the back of the room. (X: -30, Y: 184)


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