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Garb of The Land and Sky Armour

Category iconLore

Long ago, Kushigo was a warrior, bedecked in an enormous set of plate steel, its shoulder pauldrons fashioned like a great antlered stag, his arrival on a battlefield spelled doom for the enemy. Yet this armour - so light and fine - speaks nothing to that legacy.

Category iconEffects/Special Abilities

Mountainous Poise: While using "Patient Defence" iconPatient Defence (Monk Ki Point Dex Saving "Throw" iconThrow buff), you also benefit from the effect of "Blade Ward" iconBlade Ward.
Breezeswift Speed: While using Step of The Wind (Monk "Dash" iconDash), your next Attack Roll has Advantage and deals an additional 1-8 Force Damage.

AC +1

Location / Where to Find

Sold by Entharl Danthelon, a dwarf trader located at Danthelon’s Dancing Blades, a store just before the bridge at Wyrmgate Crossing.


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