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Yuan-ti Scale Mail Armour

Category iconLore

The snakefolk of Chult are not known for waste, so often forge lightweight and robust armour like this from their own shed skin.

Category iconDescription

The Yuan-ti Scale Mail is a Rare Medium Armour in Baldur’s Gate 3 that is especially useful stealthy Rogue-like builds that would benefit from its unique effects.

Category iconEffects/Special Abilities

Exotic Material: Add your Dexterity Modifier to your Armour Class. Additionally, this armour does not impose Disadvantage on Stealth Ability Checks.

Ambusher: Gain a +1 bonus to Initiative Rolls.

Location / Where to Find

  • Can be purchased for 1216 Gold from Quartermaster Talli at the Last Light Inn from Act 2 onwards.


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