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Bhaalist Gloves Gloves

Category iconLore

When the Lord of Murder, Bhaal, was rendered mortal, he knew his days were numbered. His vile machinations had gained him many enemies. Those days ran out and Bhaal was indeed killed, not by a god, but by a man with hawkish features named Cyric.

Category iconEffects/Special Abilities

Attack +1 (Adds 1 to your attack rolls.)

Location / Where to Find

Sold by Echo of Abazigal. This vendor is only accessible if you join the Bhaal temple at the end of the Investigate The Murders and Murder Tribunal questlines.

You can access this location by entering the gravestone maker’s building near the graveyard and the Elfsong tavern, removing the painting off the wall, and flick the lever. You can then enter the Temple, and be greeted by guards. We recommend finishing the questline before doing this, as the guards can be hostile otherwise.


"Garrotte" iconGarrotte Class Actions


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