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House of Healing Morgue Shadow-Cursed Lands

Category iconDescription

A morgue located in Act Two. Features multiple entrances and rooms filled with various loot and creatures.

How to Find / Access

  • West of the "House of Healing" iconHouse of Healing
  • East of the Grand Mausoleum waypoint through the Ominous Crevice (Coordinates: X:-150, Y:105)


  • Entry hall
  • Laboratory
  • Small room to the left
  • Room to the right leading to a pit

Notable Loot

  • Bided Time
  • Eversight Ring
  • Firzu’s Ring of Trading
  • Fleshmelter Cloak
  • Karabasan’s "Poison" iconPoison
  • "Necrotic" iconNecrotic Laboratory Spare Key
  • Protective Plate
  • Strange Tendril Amulet

Other Creatures and NPCs

  • Zombies
  • Animated armor
  • Oozes
  • Charred Corpses

Notes / Other Information

  • Main entrance from the west leads directly to the entry hall.
  • Secret room containing the Strange Tendril Amulet can be found using a Perception Check.
  • Ambush by zombies upon entering through the large double doors.
  • Ominous Crevice entrance leads to a pit; a button on a statue unlocks the morgue’s door.


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