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Greatclub +1 Greatclub

Category iconLore

Without the wrapped leather grip, the weight of the slab of iron at the end of this greatclub would send it flying with a single swing.

Category iconDescription

Description: The "Greatclub +1" iconGreatclub +1 stands as an uncommon variant, lightly imbued with a +1 enchantment, within the "Greatclub" iconGreatclubs weapon family. Crafted for two-handed use, this simple melee weapon bears the enhancement’s mark.

Design Characteristics: The hefty iron slab at the greatclub’s end, bereft of its wrapped leather grip, showcases a weight capable of launching it with a single swing.

Location / Where to Find

This weapon is available for purchase from these traders:

Category iconEffects/Special Abilities

Proficiency: Proficiency in this weapon grants access to these actions:

  • Tenacity (Weapon Action) - Tenacity (Reaction): Upon missing an attack, inflict "Bludgeoning" iconBludgeoning damage equal to your Strength Modifier (minimum 1).
  • "Concussive Smash" iconConcussive Smash (Weapon Action): Execute a forceful strike to cause damage and potentially Daze the target.

Category iconProficiencies Required

Tenacity Equipment Features
"Concussive Smash" iconConcussive Smash Weapon Actions


"Concussive Smash" iconConcussive Smash Weapon Actions

Equipment Features

Tenacity Equipment Features

Weapon Class

Two-Handed Melee Weapon

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