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Sword of Chaos Greatsword

Category iconLore

The sword of Sarverok, brother of Gorion’s Ward and child of the evil god, Bhaal. Though much of its power died with him, the sword is still formidable, and glows with a malevolent light.

Location / Where to Find

You need to defeat Sarevok, located in the Bhaal Temple of the Murder Tribunal. You can access the Murder Tribunal at the end of the Investigate The Murders and Murder Tribunal questlines. Either fight the cultists by rescuing Valera, or, as the Dark Urge, Kill Orin and return here and face him in one last battle.

You can access this location by entering the gravestone maker’s building near the graveyard and the Elfsong tavern, remove the painting off the wall, and flick the lever. You can then enter the Temple, and be greeted by guards, who will die once you kill Sarevok, or fight them to gain access to the Tribunal.

Category iconEffects/Special Abilities

Chaos: On a hit, regain 1-6 HP.


"Pommel Strike" iconPommel Strike Weapon Actions
"Lacerate" iconLacerate Weapon Actions
"Cleave" iconCleave Weapon Actions
"Rush Attack" iconRush Attack Weapon Actions

Weapon Class

Two-Handed Melee Weapon


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