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Pale Oak Quarterstaff

Category iconLore

Infused with Silvanus’ strength, these staves are gifted to Faithwardens who act in defense of nature.

Category iconDescription

Faithwarden’s Vines:
Vines emerge from the ground, transforming it into difficult terrain and potentially ensnaring creatures.

Faithwarden’s Stride:
You are immune to entanglement by Druid vines, and they do not hinder your movement as difficult terrain.

Location / Where to Find

Location: Druid Grove
Quest: “Investigate Kagha”
Requirement: Be a Druid to become Faithwarden
Procedure: Persuade Kagha and spare her life
Sequence: Complete “Investigate Kagha” prior to “Rescue the Druid Halsin”
Note: If Goblin leaders are eliminated first, this Quest becomes unavailable. Additionally, no special reward is granted if you spare Kagha and aren’t a Druid.

Weapon Skills

Faithwarden’s Stride: !Druidic vines cannot Ensnare you and do not count as difficult terrain.

Faithwarden’s Vines
Level 1 Conjuration Spell


"Topple" iconTopple Weapon Actions

Weapon Class

Versatile (Melee)

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