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Abysmal Remnant Dungeon Boss


The "Abysmal Remnant" iconAbysmal Remnant is a colossal serpent, the Dungeon Boss in Conan Exiles, found in a corrosive acid pool beneath "The Dregs" iconThe Dregs. With dragon-like features and twenty eyes, it lures adventurers with eerie whispers but attacks when approached. It uses ranged acid attacks and close-quarters lunges in combat. After defeating it, players can learn crafting recipes by reading a book at the acid pool’s base. Exiting the pit is crucial as the acid rises again, potentially causing harm and making loot irretrievable unless the Remnant is defeated once more. The creature can also be harvested for crafting resources.

Basic Location

"The Dregs" iconThe Dregs

Combat Tips

Difficulty (approximations):

  • Level 10: Recommended for 4-8 players.
  • Level 20: Recommended for 2-4 players.
  • Level 30+: Recommended for 1-2 players.


  • Approach the boss until it submerges in the acid pool. It will then lunge out to attack.
  • Engage in melee combat when the boss is accessible and retreat when it returns to the acid pool.
  • Manually target the boss to avoid falling into the acid pool.
  • The boss uses ranged spit attacks; targeted players can evade by running in circles around the boss.
  • Utilize a shield to block incoming damage.
  • Regeneration items and gear repair materials can be valuable during the fight.
  • Alternatively, the boss can be attacked with a bow and arrows while using the wall at the stairs as cover.
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