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The Dregs Dungeons

Detailed Location(s)

"The Dregs" iconThe Dregs is located in the south western part of the desert, directly the the south of the "Unnamed City" iconUnnamed City. It is behind next to the camp called "Skulker's End" iconSkulker’s End. You will need to bring several creatures inside the Dreg building, and then kill them on the alter with the ghost to open the dungeon entrance to the Dreg.


"The Dregs" iconThe Dregs contains a variety of resources, including "Glowing Goop" iconGlowing Goop, "Komodo" iconKomodos to skin and butcher, and Abysmal items from the boss. There are also plenty of notes and containers, along with loot for Sorceress items in the Age of Sorcery update, which you can find in these chests too.


Upon entering the dungeon proper, you will find a knowledge stone on your right. Interact with a knowledge stone. You will learn how to make glowing items from Glowing Gloop, featuring Glowing Stick, "Glowing Essence" iconGlowing Essence, Glowing Standing Torch and more.

At the end of teh dungeon, you will fight a boss and get more rewards. Here you will get access to the Abyssal meat, along with other Abyssal body parts from the boss. You will also learn how to make certain Abysmal weapons

You can also get the Staff of the Triumverate, which you can use at the Tower of Bats alongside Albino Bat Demon Blood to upgrade it.

If you interact with the red book inside the dungeon, you will also learn Reptile Armor, which allows you to turn "Reptile Hide" iconReptile Hide into armor. Making sue of all those "Komodo" iconKomodos you have to kill in the dungeon, and around the Jungle area.


"The Dregs" iconThe Dregs is inhabited by various creatures, including the Dregs Boss, aka the Abyssal Remnant. Other enemies include "Skeleton" iconSkeletons and "Komodo" iconKomodos. Be careful of the poison Komodos deal.


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