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Hardened Brick Materials


"Hardened Brick" iconHardened Brick is an advanced building material in Conan Exiles. It is used to create various high-end structures and items, such as reinforced walls, foundations, and other crafting stations. Hardened Bricks are made by combining "Stone" iconStone Consolidant with Bricks in a "Furnace" iconFurnace.

How To Obtain Item

To craft "Hardened Brick" iconHardened Bricks, players first need to create "Stone" iconStone Consolidant, which is crafted at the Alchemist’s Bench (previously known as Firebowl Cauldron) using the following materials:

2x "Ichor" iconIchor
5x Twine
Next, players need to create Bricks by smelting Stone in a "Furnace" iconFurnace. Once the Stone Consolidant and Bricks are ready, players can craft Hardened Bricks at the Furnace using the following materials:

10x Brick
1x Stone Consolidant

Hardened Bricks are used as a component in various crafting recipes, including but not limited to:

| "Black Ice" iconBlack Ice-Reinforced Wall | 1x Hardened Brick, 1x "Insulated Wood" iconInsulated Wood, 1x Black "Ice" iconIce |
| T3 Foundations | 15x Hardened Brick, 4x Shaped "Wood" iconWood, 3x "Steel Reinforcement" iconSteel Reinforcement |

Detailed Location(s)

"Hardened Brick" iconHardened Bricks can be crafted at the "Furnace" iconFurnace.

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