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Insulated Wood Materials


Using a skinning knife will yield more "Hide" iconHide than using other tools, such as a hatchet or pickaxe.
Some animals, such as elephants, rhinos, and bears, provide "Thick Hide" iconThick Hide instead of regular Hide, which can be used to create Thick "Leather" iconLeather.
Leather and Thick Leather are essential materials for many advanced crafting recipes, so it’s a good idea to stockpile Hide for future use.

How To Obtain Item

To craft "Insulated Wood" iconInsulated Wood, players first need to gather the following materials:

"Wood" iconWood, which is obtained by chopping down trees with an axe or other appropriate tools.
"Resin" iconResin, which is gathered by chopping down trees in the snowy northern areas of the map.
Alternatively, players can use "Dry Wood" iconDry Wood and "Oil" iconOil:

Dry Wood, which is obtained by chopping down dead trees in the desert or by using a Fluid Press on Wood.
Oil, which can be obtained from fish, pressing seeds, or as loot from specific creatures and locations.
Once the necessary materials are ready, players can craft Insulated Wood at the Carpenter’s Bench using the following materials:

5x Wood
1x Resin

5x Dry Wood
1x Oil

Insulated Wood is used as a component in various crafting recipes, including but not limited to:

| "Black Ice" iconBlack Ice-Reinforced Wall | 1x "Hardened Brick" iconHardened Brick, 1x Insulated Wood, 1x Black "Ice" iconIce |
| Insulated Wooden Wall | 4x Insulated Wood, 2x Shaped Wood, 3x "Iron Reinforcement" iconIron Reinforcement |
| Insulated Wooden Ceiling | 4x Insulated Wood, 2x Shaped Wood, 3x Iron Reinforcement |

Detailed Location(s)

"Insulated Wood" iconInsulated Wood can be crafted at the Carpenter’s Bench.

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