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Oil Materials


"Oil" iconOil is a crafting material in Conan Exiles. It is primarily used as a fuel for various crafting stations, such as the "Furnace" iconFurnace or Blacksmith’s Bench, and as an ingredient in some recipes like insulated wood, fire arrows, or warpaints. Oil can be obtained by pressing fish or seeds using the Fluid Press or by harvesting certain creatures like the "Rocknose" iconRocknose.

How To Obtain Item

There are two main ways to obtain "Oil" iconOil:

Pressing fish or seeds: Players can use the Fluid Press to process fish (e.g., Unappetizing Fish, Savory Fish, or Exotic Fish) or seeds (e.g., "Aloe Seeds" iconAloe Seeds, "Asura's Glory Seeds" iconAsura’s Glory Seeds, or "False Mandrake Seeds" iconFalse Mandrake Seeds) into Oil.
Harvesting creatures: Certain creatures, such as the "Rocknose" iconRocknose, can yield Oil when harvested with a pick, hatchet, or other appropriate tools.
Crafting Recipes:

Oil is used as a component in various crafting recipes, including but not limited to:

| "Insulated Wood" iconInsulated Wood | 1x "Dry Wood" iconDry Wood, 1x Oil |
| Fire Arrows | 10x "Branch" iconBranch, 10x "Plant Fiber" iconPlant Fiber, 5x Oil |
| Warpaints | 1x Oil, 1x Papyrus Scroll, various pigments |

Detailed Location(s)

"Oil" iconOil can be crafted at the Fluid Press or obtained from certain creatures.

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