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Experiment No. 123 Bosses


An experiment based off 1st Class SOLDIER Zack Fair. Uses Zack’s moveset; very agile with excellent magic and very high attack stats.

This experiment is copied from Zack from Chapters 6-10 in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion. You can find "Experiment No. 123" iconExperiment No. 123 in Mission 5-4-5 which is available in Chapter 10. This copy of Zack is a high level (73) and as such, as a lot of HP (435,850).

The battle against Experiment No. 123 is a tough one, as he will roll out of a lot of your attacks and will even use a "Phoenix Down" iconPhoenix Down on himself, so be ready to defeat him twice. Experiment No. 123 is susceptible to "Gravity" iconGravity and is a good tactic to drain his HP quicker.

Mission(s) / Location(s)



"Power Stone" iconPower Stone ×1 Fusion Items
"HP Stone" iconHP Stone ×1 Fusion Items


"Guard Stone" iconGuard Stone ×1 Fusion Items
"Magic Stone" iconMagic Stone ×1 Fusion Items


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