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G Assailant G Clones


A slightly upgraded "G Avenger" iconG Avenger, one of the dual-bladed wielding members of the "G Assassin" iconG Assassin line of Genesis Clones, you’ll first encounter them in the Shinra Building during Chapter 4, but can later be found in Missions 3-1-6 and 7-1-3. Along with the typical rising slash and leaping slash attacks (both of which deal light damage) they can cast "Fire" iconFire and use the Knife Toss ability which… also deals minor damage, albeit from afar. Suffice to say, they’re not overly threatening enemies.

Mission(s) / Location(s)

M3-1-6, Shinra Building


"Soma" iconSoma ×1 Consumables
"Potion" iconPotion ×1 Consumables


"Mag Mako Stone" iconMag Mako Stone ×1 Fusion Items
"Ether" iconEther ×1 Consumables
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