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Break Machine Machines


The most powerful model in the "Cutter Machine" iconCutter Machine line, the "Break Machine" iconBreak Machine can be found in Mission 1-5-4. In fact, two of them serve as the bosses of this mission. Like many high-tier variants of the "Sweeper" iconSweeper family of machines, their previous gas attacks have bee replaced by Smoke Vent, which inflicts Curse, "Poison" iconPoison and "Silence" iconSilence while dealing minor damage. Their old Spinning Saw and Chainsaw attacks have been retained, but they’re both named “Fine Chop” now, and have a chance to inflict the Death status when they hit. They’re otherwise similar to older models - the Spinning Saw version of the attack still deals HP% damage while the Chainsaw version can hit twice, and deal much improved damage this time around. Despite their more powerful attacks, they’re still weak to lightning and are pretty easy to avoid by simply circling around them. If you’re immune to Death, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with these machines.

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"HP Stone" iconHP Stone ×1 Fusion Items
"Guard Stone" iconGuard Stone ×1 Fusion Items
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