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Crazy Dagger Machines


A mid-tier “"Moth Slasher" iconMoth Slasher” enemy, you’ll encounter them at the end of Mission 1-4-1, as well as in Missions 1-4-3, 3-3-2 and 7-4-2. Their nondescript claw attack deals little damage, as does their spinning attack, but their signature Drill Attack is heinously powerful, dealing HP% damage (1/5 of your current HP) and inflicting Confusion. If you’re immune to Confusion, this enemy will be much less dangerous, otherwise you have to be careful about getting hit by a Drill Attack at the wrong time. While fairly durable for their level the "Crazy Dagger" iconCrazy Dagger is weak to lightning damage.

Mission(s) / Location(s)

M1-4-1, M3-2-2, M7-4-2

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"Potion" iconPotion ×1 Consumables
"Hi-Potion" iconHi-Potion ×1 Consumables


"HP Mako Stone" iconHP Mako Stone ×1 Fusion Items
"Guard Stone" iconGuard Stone ×1 Fusion Items
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