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Escort Head Machines


One of the “"Gun Bull Head" iconGun Bull Head” variants, you’ll encounter these enemies in Mission 1-3-6 (not to be confused with the weaker "Proto Power Head" iconProto Power Head, who also appear in this mission) and Mission 1-4-1. Like the aforementioned Proto "Power Head" iconPower Head, the "Escort Head" iconEscort Head’s Blast Shot inflicts Confuse and their melee ram deals heavy damage. Another unwelcome trend are the new abilities possessed by these machines, which more powerful variants will usually have; Anti-Action Missile inflicts "Stop" iconStop, and Anti-Magic Missile will cause "Silence" iconSilence. Equip a "Ribbon" iconRibbon to make these machines more manageable.

Mission(s) / Location(s)

M1-3-6, M1-4-1

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