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Stive Machine Machines


The most powerful model of the "Needle Machine" iconNeedle Machine variant of "Sweeper" iconSweeper-class enemies, the "Stive Machine" iconStive Machine is basically an improved "Spike Machine" iconSpike Machine. Its Scatter Shoot will deal 1,000~ damage several times over while its charging spear attack - Longinus - can inflict "Death" iconDeath, but otherwise deals more damage, oddly making it weaker than the Spike Machine’s Gungir attack. Like the Spike Machine it can also use Smoke Vent, which inflicts "Silence" iconSilence, "Poison" iconPoison and Curse while dealing minor damage.

If you’re protected from Death, the Stive Machine probably won’t be all that dangerous, but if you need help whittling down its 122,800 HP, it’s weak to ice damage. You’ll find this machine on Mission 9-4-1.

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"HP Stone" iconHP Stone ×1 Fusion Items
"Guard Stone" iconGuard Stone ×1 Fusion Items


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