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Chive Wildlife


The most dangerous of the “"Mandragora" iconMandragora” class of enemies, this is perhaps the most lethal plant in the game not named “"Malboro" iconMalboro”. You’ll encounter these monsters on Missions 9-5-6 and 9-6-1, where they’ll can cause confusion and drain SP with their Hysteric Voices attack and dish out damage with "Energy" iconEnergy - a high level spell. Their most dangerous attack, however, is their spinning melee attack that can inflict "Death" iconDeath, which is unfortunately not uncommon among late-game enemies. A "Safety Bit" iconSafety Bit, "Super Ribbon" iconSuper Ribbon or the "Genji Shield" iconGenji Shield will make fighting these enemies much safe. Despite having nearly 100,000 HP, "Chive" iconChives aren’t particularly hard to kill, due to their terrible VIT and SPR scores, and their vulnerability to fire. You can steal "Wall" iconWall materia from them (rare).

Mission(s) / Location(s)

M9-5-6, M9-6-1

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"Barrier" iconBarrier ×1 Magic Materia
"MBarrier" iconMBarrier ★ ×1 Magic Materia


"Barrier" iconBarrier ×1 Magic Materia
"Wall" iconWall ★ ×1 Magic Materia
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