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Mythril Fusion Items


Use in Materia Fusion for SPR +1 up to a maximum of +100.

How to Acquire

Method to Obtain Cost/Location
Buy -
Sell 500
Complete M3-4-3, M6-6-2
Treasure Chest M7-3-4
Drop "G Hetairos" iconG Hetairos, "Holy Tonberry" iconHoly Tonberry, "Gaea Malboro" iconGaea Malboro, ★ "G Purgatorio" iconG Purgatorio, ★ "Tycoon" iconTycoon, "Diceratops" iconDiceratops
Steal "G Purgatorio" iconG Purgatorio, "Holy Tonberry" iconHoly Tonberry, ★ "G Paladin" iconG Paladin, "G Judecca" iconG Judecca, "Mover EX" iconMover EX
Other -

★ = Rare

Drops From

"Diceratops" iconDiceratops Wildlife
"G Hetairos" iconG Hetairos Bosses
"G Purgatorio" iconG Purgatorio G Clones
"Gaea Malboro" iconGaea MalboroWildlife
"Gaea Malboro" iconGaea Malboro Wildlife
"Holy Tonberry" iconHoly Tonberry Wildlife
"Tycoon" iconTycoon Wildlife

Steal From

"G Judecca" iconG Judecca G Clones
"G Paladin" iconG Paladin G Clones
"G Purgatorio" iconG Purgatorio G Clones
"Holy Tonberry" iconHoly Tonberry Wildlife
"Mover EX" iconMover EX Wildlife
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