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Vit Mako Stone Fusion Items


Use five in Materia Fusion for VIT +1 up to a maximum of +40.

How to Acquire

Method to Obtain Cost/Location
Buy -
Sell 5
Complete M8-2-2
Treasure Chest -
Drop "Sky Gunner" iconSky Gunner, ★ "Sky Armor" iconSky Armor, ★ "Hellhound" iconHellhound, "Vajradhara Yaksha" iconVajradhara Yaksha, "Vajradhara Cala" iconVajradhara Cala, "Vajradhara Rakshasa" iconVajradhara Rakshasa, "Vajradhara Indra" iconVajradhara Indra, "Vajradhara Kumbhira" iconVajradhara Kumbhira, "Experiment No. 114" iconExperiment No. 114
Steal "Moth Slasher" iconMoth Slasher, ★ "Crazy Saw" iconCrazy Saw, "Drill Machine" iconDrill Machine, "Sweeper+" iconSweeper+, "Needle Machine" iconNeedle Machine, ★ "Chain Machine" iconChain Machine, "Launcher Machine" iconLauncher Machine, Barrier Machine, "Coast Runner" iconCoast Runner, "Pachyornis" iconPachyornis, ★ Remedy Bomb, ★ "Steam Engine" iconSteam Engine, ★ "S Mine" iconS Mine
Other -

★ = Rare

Drops From

Steal From

"Barrier Machine" iconBarrier Machine Machines
"Chain Machine" iconChain Machine Machines
"Coast Runner" iconCoast Runner Wildlife
"Crazy Saw" iconCrazy Saw Machines
"Drill Machine" iconDrill Machine Machines
"Launcher Machine" iconLauncher Machine Machines
"Moth Slasher" iconMoth Slasher Machines
"Needle Machine" iconNeedle Machine Machines
"Pachyornis" iconPachyornis Wildlife
"Remedy Bomb" iconRemedy BombWildlife
"S Mine" iconS MineWildlife
"Steam Engine" iconSteam EngineWildlife
"Sweeper+" iconSweeper+ Machines
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