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Costly Punch Command Materia


Enables special attacks. Zack winds up for several seconds before unleashing a mean, left-handed haymaker. Costly punch is preposterously strong - it’s damage increases the lower your remaining HP, but even at full HP it can still deal around 32 times more damage than a normal attack. Ignores VIT and is considered neither physical or magic damage. Consumes the equivalent of 1/128th maximum HP when used. If HP exceeds 1.11 times your max HP (from Power Surges and Limit Breaks), "Costly Punch" iconCostly Punch will hit for 0.

How to Acquire

Obtain Location/Method
Complete M9-5-4
Steal "Mako Ifrit" iconMako Ifrit
Alternate Fusion "Goblin Punch" iconGoblin Punch (any Punch materia) + "Rush Assault" iconRush Assault (any DMW Materia)

"Mako Ifrit" iconMako Ifrit = Rare

Fusion Recipe(s)

Fusion Recipe 1


Materia icon
"Hammer Punch" icon Hammer Punch
5 stars MASTER

Fused Materia

Steal From

"Mako Ifrit" iconMako Ifrit Ifrit
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