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Elemental Ward Support Materia


Decreases damage matching equipped materia’s elemental attributes. Resistance increases with the level of materia. If multiple "Elemental Ward" iconElemental Ward materia are equipped, the resistance level will equal the materia levels added together.

How to Acquire

Obtain Location/Method
Shop "Wutai Secret Shop" iconWutai Secret Shop
Complete M2-2-4
Chest M9-5-2
Fusion "Firaga" iconFiraga/ "Blizzaga" iconBlizzaga/ "Thundaga" iconThundaga + Any "Vit Up" iconVit Up

Fusion Recipe(s)

Fusion Recipe 1


Materia icon
"Libra" icon Libra
5 stars MASTER

Fused Materia

Level Effect Increase

Level Resistance Level & Effect
1 Slight; 75% Damage
2 Half; 50% Damage
3 Null; 0% Damage
4 Half Absorb; 50% Damage absorbed as HP
Master Absorb; 100% Damage absorbed as HP
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