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Banora Treasures

Collected all items and arrived at Angeal's house before the Banora airstrike.

Collect All Items before the Banora Airstrike

This is the second missable story Trophy/Achievement of Chapter 2, and it plays out at the same time as the third, the Slicin' SOLDIER Trophy/Achievement. Once you set off on the mission to Banora, proceed through it as normal until you reach the village and you’re told to search for Angeal’s house.

Ignore the house to the south for now, and look around for the first of the three treasures. You won’t be able to claim them for now, so remember where they are but you still must examine them first. You’ll find the treasures by examining the golden glow in the following locations:

  • The first item can be found just to the left, by the house, as you enter the village area.

  • Search near the well to find the second item.

  • To the left of the southern house (when facing it).

  • After you leave Angeal’s house and head to where Tseng is, you’ll reach an intersection. The fourth item can be found near the crates here.

  • As you head up to the right at the intersection, you’ll find the final item in front of you to the left of Tseng.

(1 of 5) Search by the first house to your left when entering the village

You’ll then need to proceed through the rest of the chapter until you get the countdown after completing the Rocket Slicing mini-game. You’ll then have a 45 second countdown to go back to all the spots you examined previously to collect the items and dash to Angeal’s house.

If you’ve successfully picked up all five items during this period, you’ll obtain an Ether, Soma, X-Potion, Elixir, and a Phoenix Down along with the Banora Treasures Trophy/Achievement. You’ll also get your rewards for the Rocket Slicing mini-game here in Gil, with 1,500 being the max.

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