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Achieved 100% progress for all DMW.

When you take a look at the DMW menu, you will notice there is a % next to each of the Images, these are in relation to how many memories you have seen. Before you start your DMW grind, bear the following in mind:

  • All Summons only have to be used once to get 100%, this is by far the easiest part of this task.

  • You’ll need to have seen specific story events for memories to start showing up.

With this in mind, it’s best to wait until you reach the final Save Point in Chapter 10 so that you can ensure that you have every possible memory available.

After that, it’s merely hoping the DMW is kind to you, the best way we’ve found to grind this particular Trophy/Achievement is by making use of the best way to level Materia trick. That is to say, go into M1-1-1, leave one enemy alive and then leave the game on while you go do something else. It’s tedious, but there is no better way of doing it. There is, however, one thing you can do to make life easier for yourself.

DMW Materia

As you progress through Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion, you’ll come across DMW Materia, in the name of their Limit Break such as Rush Assault and Octaslash. The purpose of these Materias is to boost the chances of getting that particular Limit Break in the DMW. You can then, in theory, equip the Materia of the Image you need a lot of % for and go into M1-1-1 and have a greater chance of hitting them all.

The late-game shops offer Materia that boost your chances of getting specific Limit Breaks.

These Materia may seem very rare for most of the game, but by the time you reach that final Save Point in Chapter 10, you have the means of unlocking the following Shops which will sell all of the DMW Materia:

Shop Unlock (first availability) DMW Materia
Research Dept. QMC+ Treasure Chest in Gongaga (Chapter 9) Octaslash, Rush Assault, Air Strike, Meteor Shots, Healing Wave, Lucky Stars
Junon Souvenirs Complete the mission 2-4-1 (Chapter 10) Chocobo Stomp, 1000 Needles, Murderous Thrust, Courage Boost!, Moogle Power, Item Mugger
Bone Village Outlet Complete the mission 7-5-3 (Chapter 4) Hellfire, Megaflare, Zantetsuken, Rebirth Flame, Exaflare
Online Shop Shade Complete the mission 9-5-4 (Chapter 3) Apocalypse

This is the best you can do to give yourself the best chance of completing the DMW as quickly as possible. As a reward, beyond the Trophy/Achievement, you’ll also obtain the Genji Armor for getting 100% on the DMW.


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