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Mission Completionist

Completed 100% of all missions.

In order to unlock this trophy/achievement, you will need to complete all of the optional Missions in the game. You will unlock a majority of the missions by simply progressing the main story and completing other ones, but there are some that require speaking to specific NPCs during the main story. These are missable, so if you keep going with the story, you will either have to revert to a previous save, start a new game, or play through New Game+. The following table is a list of all missable Missions in the game:

Mission How to Unlock
M1-2-1: Challenge from Security Chapter 2; Speak to Shinra Captain in Sector 8 - LOVELESS Avenue
M8-2-1: SPR Mako Stone Chapter 2; Speak to Researcher in Materia Room on SOLDIER Floor of Shinra Building
M7-1-1: Freight Recall Chapter 3; Speak to SOLDIER 3rd Class in Briefing Room on SOLDIER Floor of Shinra Building
M2-1-1: Beginnings Chapter 3; Speak to male NPC in upstairs area of Sector 8 - Fountain
M2-1-2: Approaching the Outskirts Chapter 3; Speak to employee walking around in Sector 8 - LOVELESS Avenue
M2-1-3: Sightings in Sector 5 Chapter 4; Speak to girl in Sector 5 Slums - Market after retrieving wallet
M2-1-4: Defend the Slums Chapter 4; Speak to girl in Sector 5 Slums - Street
M2-1-5: Highway Closed Chapter 5; Speak to Trooper upstairs in lobby area of Shinra Building
M2-1-6: Truth in the Wasteland Chapter 5; Complete all other missions in 2-1 set, then speak to Researcher in Exhibit Room of Shinra Building
M6-2-1: Slum Development Plan Chapter 5; Speak to City Planning Executive in Entrance of Shinra Building
M4-3 Set Chapter 5; Catch all of the Wutai Spies


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