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Game: Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion
Type: Bronze
Rarity: 4.00% (Ultra Rare)
Tags: Missable

How to Join the Angeal Fan Club, Keepers of Honor

These first two Fan Clubs you can join in any order, and in fact, you’ll find the two of them right next to each other. You must first reach Chapter 2 and soon after, you’ll gain the ability to explore Sector 8.

Head to the Fountain area and go south (if you open your map, you’ll see two yellow “!”) to find a a woman with short hair in a dark top and white skirt. Speak to her and you’ll be given the option to join the Keepers of Honor Fan Club, accept and you’ll get your first Mail from the club.

How to Join the Genesis Fan Club, Red Leather

As mentioned above, you’ll find the representative for Genesis’s Fan Club, Red Leather, in the same place as Angeal’s. The woman you want to speak to here is the woman dressed all in white. Speak with her, accept her invitation and you’ll soon be a proud member of Genesis’s Fan Club and receive your first Mail from the club.

(1 of 2) You can join both the Angeal and Genesis fan clubs near the fountain in Chapter 2

You can join both the Angeal and Genesis fan clubs near the fountain in Chapter 2 (left), head to LOVELESS avenue to join the study group fan club. (right)

How to Join the LOVELESS Fan Club, LOVELESS Study Group

There’s one more Fan Club you can join in Chapter 2, but you’ll have to go elsewhere to find the representative. Leave the fountain area to the north to reach LOVELESS Avenue and go up to where you see the theater, standing in the alley to the right is a woman wearing a suit. Speak with her to join the Fan Club and receive your first Mail from it.

How to Join Sephiroth’s Fan Club, The Silver Elite

It will be some time before you can join Sephiroth’s Fan Club, the Silver Elite. You must first progress the story to Chapter 5 and eventually, after the Market scenes with Aerith and Bruno, you’ll be able to enter the Park to the east of the Market.

Inside, you’ll find a woman in a suit standing there (the only adult in this area). Speak with her, and she’ll mention that she’s the leader of the elite Sephiroth Fan Club and they only open registrations a few times a year. Just your luck, then, that there is an opening now, but you’ll have to answer a few questions about Sephiroth first. Answer the following:

  1. Masamune

  2. Super Nova

  3. His left hand

Answer all three questions correctly and you’ll gain the invitation to the Silver Elite and get your first Mail shortly after.

(1 of 2) Go to the park in Chapter 5 to find the Sephiroth representative

Go to the park in Chapter 5 to find the Sephiroth representative (left), we don’t know how this woman know’s Sephiroth’s ultimate attack he’s yet to use. (right)

How to Join Zack’s Fan Club

Zack, once he’s promoted to SOLDIER 1st Class, gets his very own Fan Club, and it’s by far the easiest one to miss if you’re not careful!

The first step on joining this Fan Club is by progressing the story to Chapter 6, where you’ll find yourself in Junon. Continue on until you complete the mini-game needed for the Immovable Object Trophy/Achievement. At this point, you’re supposed to continue east to the airport but ignore this directive for now.

Instead, return to the west and you’ll spot an elevator you can take up (look at the map for a yellow “!”). In Upper Junon, you’ll run into Cissnei and learn a little more about her, who also happens to mention that Zack has fans back in Midgar.

(1 of 3) Go back on yourself instead of to the airport in Chapter 6

Continue with the story until you gain access to Midgar in Chapter 7 and return to the Shinra Building. At the entrance, go over to the reception and speak to the woman on the left there to join the Zack Fan Club and get the Fan Club Aficionado Trophy/Achievement in the process.

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