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Good Match For Aerith

Told by Bruno that you and Aerith "make a good couple."

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Game: Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion
Type: Bronze
Rarity: 3.50% (Ultra Rare)
Tags: Missable

How to Increase Aerith’s Affection

This Trophy/Achievement is one of the easiest missable ones to make a mistake in so you’ll want to make a hard save after you enter the market and your wallet is stolen, so you can reload if you don’t get the desired result.

To get the Trophy/Achievement, your goal is to raise your affection with Aerith to a high level by the time you finish the Market scenes and go to the Park with Aerith. The number for this is actually hidden, so you’ll have to rely on Aerith’s reactions to determine if you’ve got the best outcome for all of the activities.

Activity Affection gained
Visiting each of the three shops before getting your wallet back 30
Give the boy up to five potions 10
Choose to wait 10 times when speaking to the girl 10
Choose “I’ll buy the medicine for you” when speaking to Bruno 10
Complete the perfume blending with a perfect result three times in a row 10
Complete the materia collection mini-game in under 14 seconds 5

Visiting the Shops

While Zack is on his own looking for Bruno, you need to look around the market for any signs of him. Be sure to interact with each of the three shops here as this will come into play when you have Aerith with you later. You’ll get +10 to Aerith’s affection from each of the three shop visits.

The young boy (without Aerith)

When you speak to the young boy, he’ll reveal himself to be a broker of sorts and asks for a Potion in exchange of information. The information is nothing but stalling for Bruno, but you’ll get +2 to Aerith’s affection. You can do this five time for a total of +10 to Aerith’s affection.

(1 of 5) Visit all three shops while looking for Bruno

The young girl (without Aerith)

When you speak to the young girl in the market, she’ll ask you to wait there while she goes to find him. After a short time, you’ll get the option to keep waiting, select this and repeat it 10 times to get +10 to Aerith’s affection.

Speaking to Aerith

Once you’ve exhausted all the possible avenues for affection, return and speak to Aerith and you’ll eventually corner Bruno. You’ll soon get a choice, answer with “I’ll buy the medicine for you.” to get another +10 to Aerith’s affection.

Market Activities

The last of the affection you can get for Aerith all takes place during your time in the market once you have your wallet back. You can interact with each of the three shops and play the mini-games there. Not only can you get a Trophy/Achievement for each of them, but you’ll also get Aerith affection.

  • Getting the perfect blend on the perfume will get you +5 to Aerith’s affection and you’ll want to repeat this process three times without failing (Aerith will have a slightly different reaction after the third).

  • Beating the Materia Collection mini-game in under 14 seconds will get you +5 to Aerith’s affection.

  • Although you’ll gain no affection from it, Aerith will pick less numbers when asked during the number guessing mini-game (which makes this easier) if you have above 51 Affection for her.

You will get the Trophy if Bruno says you and Aerith make a good couple.

Once you finish the section in the market, Bruno will approach you and hand over the Steal Materia while also remarking how you and Aerith are as a couple. If he says “You and Aerith make a Good Couple”, congratulations, you’ll obtain the Good Match For Aerith Trophy/Achievement, otherwise reload your save at the start of this process and try again.

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