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First-Rate SOLDIER

Defeated all virtual data in the Training Room.

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Game: Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion
Type: Bronze
Rarity: 46.50% (Uncommon)
Tags: Missable

Be sure to always choose the first choice when answering Hojo’s questions.

Hojo’s Questions in the Training Room in Chapter 3

This is the first missable Trophy/Achievement in Chapter 3 and it’s an easy one to miss as you have to visit a room that you never normally need to go to. You’ll notice that you’ll get a mail from Kunsel as soon as you gain control speaking about Hojo and the Training Room.

You’ll find yourself standing near the Training Room, so head inside and you’ll meet Professor Hojo. He’ll vaguely mention that he wants Zack to assist him with some data gathering in the Training Room and you’ll be given an option to respond to him after every battle. Always choose the top option to agree to undertake the training.

What follows is a series of battles, none of which should be particularly challenging, especially if you’ve taken the opportunity to complete some of the many optional Side Missions that are on offer.

Test Hojo’s virtual data?

A simple battle against two Wutai Privates and a Foulander. You can most likely just hack and slash through them, but if you have access to the Blizzard materia or blade commands then use it against the Foulander.

(1 of 2) Most of the enemies you fight are weak to Ice

Most of the enemies you fight are weak to Ice (left), the final battle is against a Behemoth that is weak to Thunder. (right)

Prove my mettle?

Answer the second question with “You bet!” to start the second battle, this time against three Guard Hounds. Once again, the Blizzard materia or blade command will serve you well as all three hounds are weak to Ice.

Fight another one?

Answer the third question with “I’ll fight everything you throw at me!” and you’ll begin the third battle against two Blood Tastes. Once again, you can utilize Blizzard against them (starting to see a trend here?), otherwise, these are nothing more than slightly harder hitting Guard Hounds.

The ultimate virtual data?

Answer the final, ominous question with “Bring it on!” to take on the final battle. This is at least a challenge, unlike the other battles, as you’ll be facing Experiment No. 88, a tougher Behemoth. Thankfully, the battle plays similar to the one against the Behemoth in the prologue just dealing more damage with each of its attacks so check out our Behemoth Boss guide to learn how to deal with all of its attacks.

Once you finish off Experiment No. 88, Hojo will rather menacingly mention a special relationship between him and Zack and you’ll obtain the First-Rate SOLDIER Trophy/Achievement.

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