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Hero of the Wutai War?

Received highest evaluation from Lazard for Assault on Fort Tamblin

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Game: Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion
Type: Bronze
Rarity: 47.30% (Uncommon)
Tags: Missable

Proceed through the mission as normal, up until you reach the Mt Tamblin – Mountain Path Save Point, the Assault on Fort Tamblin follows shortly after this. Your main goal is to defeat all of the enemy groups during your time in the fortress and thankfully, the game will keep track of this in the top left of the screen. If you go to leave and you don’t have all the green checkmarks, then go back and finish off any remaining forces.

All Enemy Groups

Below, you’ll find information on where to find each of the enemy groups, along with battle advice where applicable:

  • You’ll come across the first group automatically. These will be a mix of Wutai Privates and Wutai Sergeants of which you can easily mow down, get used to using AP attacks after a combo for increased damage.

  • Go west and beyond the watchtower you’ll trigger a battle. You’ll be introduced to Weaknesses here (indicated by the symbol next to an enemy’s name) so make use of Blizzard to deal with the two Foulanders.

  • Continue north up the corridor to run into the next group which contains a Foulander and two Wutai Privates.

  • Follow the linear path around the corner to initiate a battle with two Wutai Privates and a Wutai Sergeant.

  • Three more Privates will attack from the end of the corridor. Run toward them and they’ll run away and as you go to follow them; you’ll be ambushed from behind via the revolving wall. This battle is against another two Wutai Privates and a Wutai Sergeant.

  • This is the first easy one to miss. You’ll notice you can now interact with these revolving walls. Do so, and you’ll ambush the next group chasing you, another two Privates and a Sergeant.

  • Another easy one to miss. Go back to the first watchtower and examine the front of it, this will cause the next group to attack you. You’ll be surrounded by three Wutai Sergeants so make use of Air Twister here.

  • Return to where the first revolving wall was and continue to find two chests. The second chest is empty but will trigger a battle with the next group containing three Private and a Sergeant.

  • Continue east (you can’t interact with the revolving door from here) and you’ll find the next group containing two Foulanders (remember to use Blizzard against these).

  • There’s another revolving wall you can’t interact with from this side so continue under the arch to trigger the next group. This is a much larger group containing a battle against two Foulanders and two Privates. Focus on the Foulanders here as their Fire magic can hurt.

  • Head toward the chest to the northwest and another battle will initiate against two more Foulanders.

  • Now use the revolving wall near the chest to trigger a battle against three Privates and a Sergeant.

  • Head south and examine the watchtower to fight the next group, this battle contains two Foulanders and two Sergeants. As always, focus down the Foulanders with Blizzard before you deal with the Sergeants.

  • Go to the corridor to the east of the watchtower and you’ll find the next group. When given the choice, choose to “Charge” to cause the Privates to flee and leave you with just the Sergeant to deal with.

  • Another easy one to miss, go back on yourself and examine the last revolving door to trigger a battle against three Foulanders begging to be hit with Blizzard.

  • The final group can be found by heading to the exit of the area, another three Foulanders will attack.

If you’ve successfully taken out every group, you’ll get a call from Angeal to inform you that you’ve managed to occupy the fort.

Lazard Rewards

You won’t get your rewards until you actually proceed beyond the next point and defeat the boss. Following the battle, you’ll find yourself back in the forest and you’ll get a reward from Lezard based on how many groups you took out.

Forces Defeated Reward
10 Elixir
11-13 Bulletproof Vest
14-15 Phoenix Down
16 !Fire Armlet

The Fire Armlet especially is a great accessory and will be immediately useful in the boss battle that follows.

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