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Renn Dayne & Claudia Dayne Extremely Rare Monsters


There is an archer held up in The Spiteful Rise, which is located in Hawezar on the west side of the area known as Dismal Foothills. In this location, you can find Renn Dayne, who is perched near a jump across area of the map. When you kill her, the ghost of her family memebr, Claudia Dayne can spawn too. Killing both creatures awards the Haunted Crossbow, a shadow damage, Vulnerable damage, Close Damage and Core Skill damage weapon.



Icon for <span>Hawezar</span> Hawezar

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 11158 Y: 13313

After you kill Renn Dayne, there’s a chance that the ghost of her companion, Claudia Dayne spawns next to her corpse. This happened for us while there was an Hawezar Helltide on.

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