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Quartermaster Drowned


A giant, two-handed club wielding Drowned native to the swamps of Hawezar. He sounds the bells to summon the other Drowned nearby but can withstand an enormous amount of punishment himself.

Found In

"Bedeviled Grotto" iconBedeviled Grotto Season 1 Dungeon
"Belfry Zakara" iconBelfry Zakara Hawezar Dungeon
"Ghoa Ruins" iconGhoa Ruins Hawezar Dungeon


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 15908 Y: 17522
Marker screenshot

2. Sanctuary Map

X: 15351 Y: 15504
Marker screenshot

3. Sanctuary Map

X: 16721 Y: 14305
Marker screenshot

4. Sanctuary Map

X: 17556 Y: 15360
Marker screenshot

5. Sanctuary Map

X: 16659 Y: 15576
Marker screenshot

6. Sanctuary Map

X: 16246 Y: 14698
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