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Belfry Zakara Hawezar Dungeon

In-Game Description

The Zakarum built this Cathedral. It honors the sea, now.


  • Destroy the Drowned Bell (2)
  • Travel to the Salt Scarred Marbles
  • Slay the Anchorbound Chaplain and collect the Rusted Key
  • Use the Rusted Key to open the Locked Door
  • Defeat the "Drowned Seahag" iconDrowned Seahag


It’s probably fair to say that this is one of the toughest dungeons in Hawezar, if not Diablo IV - especially if you are playing solo. The sheer amount of enemies that will swarm you at times will make it very difficult to get out alive in one go. That said, it is a cool dungeon with a nice Druidic Aspect at the end of it, so it is definitely worth trying to clear out.

The first objective is to destroy the two Drowned Bells, which will give you a good idea that this dungeon is going to be populated by the Drowned. A lot of them.

The Bells are well-guarded by "Quartermaster" iconQuartermaster’s and Raiders but also each have a Bell Guard - which is a supercharged Elite Quartermaster. Still. The number of enemies you face here is small time for what is about to come once you have destroyed the Bells and headed off to the Salt Scarred Marbles.

With the Bell Guards and their Bells destroyed the Salt Scarred Marbles see you hunting for the Anchorbound Chaplain who will drop a Rusted Key on death. Sounds simple but he is guarded by a large quantity of seriously buffed Raiders and Skulkers and it is very easy to get completely overwhelmed.

Eventually we settled on a method of trying to funnel the enemies out so we could at least get a couple killed quickly out in the open. If you try to take them on in the room where the Chaplain resides, we don’t hold out much hope for you.

Once good has triumphed over the drowned Chaplain there is a long trip to the door where they key works. Along the way there are plenty more buffed enemies to take out, but nothing on the scale you have just faced.

Once you open the door it is into the Chamber of Echoes will you will face off against the "Drowned Seahag" iconDrowned Seahag and her army of wretches - and we mean army - check out the last screenshot for an idea of the numbers you will face. Defeat her salty attacks however and the dungeon, and the "Aspect of the Ursine Horror" iconAspect of the Ursine Horror is yours.


Raider Drowned
Skulker Drowned
"Quartermaster" iconQuartermaster Drowned
"Bone Warrior" iconBone Warrior Skeletons
Bell Guard Bosses
"Drowned Seahag" iconDrowned Seahag Bosses

Events in this Dungeon

"Last Stand" iconLast Stand Event


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 16756 Y: 16115
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