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Kyovashad Fractured Peaks


"Kyovashad" iconKyovashad is the capital city of the Fractured Peaks. It is the main hub where services can be used and many side quests can be obtained.

In this Location

"Cathedral of Light" iconCathedral of Light Fractured Peaks
"Depths of Despair" iconDepths of Despair Fractured Peaks Side Quest
"Extraction and Imprinting" iconExtraction and Imprinting Fractured Peaks Priority Quest
"Faith in Blood" iconFaith in Blood Fractured Peaks Side Quest
"Frigid Cellar" iconFrigid Cellar Fractured Peaks Dungeon
"Gem Crafting" iconGem Crafting Fractured Peaks Priority Quest
"Kor Valar" iconKor Valar Fractured Peaks Campaign Quest
"Kyovashad Sewers" iconKyovashad Sewers Fractured Peaks Dungeon
"Light's Guidance" iconLight's Guidance Fractured Peaks Campaign Quest
"Lorath's Polearm" iconLorath's Polearm Area Item
"Menestad Coffers" iconMenestad Coffers Fractured Peaks Side Quest
"Ominous Cellar" iconOminous Cellar Fractured Peaks Dungeon
"Sight to Madness" iconSight to Madness Fractured Peaks Side Quest
"Strange Amulet" iconStrange Amulet Area Item
"The Sealed Door" iconThe Sealed Door Fractured Peaks Side Quest

Interactive Map Locations

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 13551 Y: 10171
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