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Desperate Remedies Hawezar Side Quest


  • Speak to Elder Lau
  • Speak to the other Elders (x3)
  • Report your findings to Elder Lau
  • Search the pyres for Brecht’s Corpse
  • Speak with Elder Lau
  • Retrieve "Aldara" iconAldara’s Amulet from "Light's Refuge" iconLight’s Refuge
  • Speak with Elder Lau
  • Place the amulet on the altar
  • Speak with Elder Lau


First you must speak to Elder Lau in the hut close to the "Wejinhani Waypoint" iconWejinhani Waypoint. He will ask you to go and speak to three other elders in the town to ask them about the strange killer sickness that is affecting the townsfolk.

The Elders are all in close vicinity so complete this busywork and return to Elder Lau. He will then ask you to search the nearby pyres for the corpse of a man called Brecht, who was the first to die of the disease.

His corpse can be found at the right of the Eastern pyre.

Search him and you will find a journal and have to speak to Elder Lau once more. Fortunately, by this point he will have appeared next to you and he will send you on a quest to "Light's Refuge" iconLight’s Refuge to find a charlartan called "Aldara" iconAldara who has a cursed amulet you need to retried and bring back to Elder Lau.

Head to the Light’s Reform Dungeon and clear it out. You will need to be Lvl 30+. Find Aldara and kill them, before returning with the amulet to Elder Lau, who will then perform a cleansing ceremony on the trinket and the quest will be completed.

In-Game Description

A strange outbreak in Wejinhani has left the Elders with more questions than answers.

Elder Lau wants me to question the other Elders of Wejinhani about this new untreatable sickness.

I have questioned the other Elders in Wejinhani about this new sickness. I should tell Elder Lau what I have learned.

Elder Lau wants me to search the funeral pyres for Brecht’s body.

I should speak with Elder Lau about Brecht by the funeral pyre.

I must go find "Aldara" iconAldara and retrieve the cursed amulet that she carries in order to save the villagers that it has cursed.

I should place the amulet on the altar so that Elder Lau can attempt to cleanse its curse.

I should speak with Elder Lau, who seems weak after the ritual to cleanse the cursed amulet.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 12259 Y: 13565
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