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Flesh and Blood Hawezar Side Quest


Help Yonca discover what happened to her family.

  • Bring Yonca into the farmhouse
  • Speak with Yonca
  • Search for Kaan’s remains near the river
  • Search Kaan’s corpse
  • Give the windchime parts to Yonca
  • Protect Yonca
  • Help Yonca fix the last windchime
  • Protect Yonca
  • Bring Yonca to the farmhouse
  • Speak with Yonca at the farmhouse

Detailed Location

  • Light’s Wane, Hawezar.

In-Game Description

I should accompany Yonca to her family’s abandoned farmhouse.

I should give the things that I found to Yonca.

I should search Yonca’s father’s body to see what I can find.

Yonca wants to fix the windchimes and put them back up around the perimeter of the farm, just like they were when she was a kid.

Yonca heard her mother’s voice in the distance, coming from the abandoned farmhouse. I should follow her to ensure that she will be okay.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 11908 Y: 16041

Talk to Yonca to begin this quest.

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