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Remnants of Faith Hawezar Side Quest


  • Speak with Tomyris
  • Find the broken bridge
  • Cross the broken bridge
  • Enter Maugan’s Folly
  • Find the crusader’s armor
  • Check on Tomyris
  • Enter Maugan’s Work
  • Search Maugan’s Work for Johanna’s armor
  • Speak with Tomyris
  • Speak with Johanna


+20 Hawezar Renown on completion.

Detailed Location

In-Game Description

A young Crusader apprentice wishes to carry on her master’s legacy.

Tomyris needs a guide through the Hawezar Wetlands. She wishes to return to Maugan’s Folly to retrieve her late master’s armor. I should meet her by the bridge leading into the Wetlands.

Tomyris told me of a shortcut over a broken bridge. It should lead us straight to Maugan’s Folly.

A desolate reminder of its former glory, we’ve reached Maugan’s Folly. Tomyris’ master should be nearby. Or rather, her corpse.

The armor was pilfered by the deserters and criminals that now make this place their home. We must search "Maugan's Works" iconMaugan’s Works for the armor.

Donning her master’s armor, Tomyris continues the name Johanna. Today, she is a true Crusader.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 9316 Y: 16234
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