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Glittering Abundance Hawezar Side Quest


  • Find a rare geode
  • Speak with Tungal in Ked Bardu
  • Buy "Acid Flux" iconAcid Flux from Mislan in Zarbinzet
  • Open the geode with Mislan’s tools

Detailed Location

In-Game Description

I found a gem-laden geode in Hawezar. I should speak with Tungal the Jeweler in Ked Bardu to find out how to open it without breaking the gems inside.

Kratia told me to buy some acid flux from Mislan in Zarbinzet. Then I can open the geode by using it with his tools.

I’ve got the acid flux, now I need to use Mislan’s crafting tools to break open the geode. I wonder what will be inside?


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 9896 Y: 16781

Pick up the "Gem-Laden Geode" iconGem-Laden Geode mined from the "Glittering Ore Vein" iconGlittering Ore Vein to begin.

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