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A Price to Pay Hawezar Side Quest


  • Speak with Vera
  • Find the source of the hushed voice
  • Speak with Suzana
  • Search homes for the book of folk memories
  • Travel to the "Blind Burrows" iconBlind Burrows
  • Speak with Aneta
  • Collect "Spider Venom" iconSpider Venom: 0/8
  • Return to Aneta
  • Pour the venom into the Boiling Pot
  • Speak with Aneta


This is the second quest in the questline The Heretic.

Detailed Location

In-Game Description

It’s clear that Aneta has a powerful, if uncontrollable magic within her. As she fled, she begged me to tell her mother she was sorry. I don’t know how her mother will take the news, but I owe it to Aneta to deliver it.

According to the book of folklore, the cure for ‘tainted blood’ comes from the spiders of the "Blind Burrows" iconBlind Burrows. I only hope Aneta will be there.

I’ve found Aneta outside the entrance to the Blind Burrows, exhausted from the magic erupting from her. I hope I can help the poor girl.

Aneta has asked me to bring her the venom from the spiders hiding within the Blind Burrows. She seems convinced this is the cure she needs to prevent any more magical outbursts.


Interactive Map Locations

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 9944 Y: 16667

Begins immediately after "The Heretic" iconThe Heretic concludes.

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