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Poisoned Hearts Hawezar Side Quest


  • Speak with Vera
  • Collect "Aneta's Keepsake" iconAneta’s Keepsake
  • Find Aneta
  • Extinguish the Strange Braziers: 0/3
  • Speak with Gulyas
  • Help Aneta gather rotten livers: 0/4
  • Enter the "Hidden Glade" iconHidden Glade
  • Follow Aneta
  • Speak with Gulyas
  • Fill the Blood Altar
  • Protect Aneta from the villagers
  • Follow Aneta
  • Speak with Aneta
  • Return to Gulyas’ Hovel
  • Read Aneta’s Letter


Requires level 40.
+20 Hawezar Renown on completion.
Challenge Completed: "The Heretic" iconThe Heretic

In-Game Description

Aneta’s mother Vera has risked her health by coming so far out into the wilds. Why is she here? I doubt it is out of concern for her daughter’s safety.

Aneta left her necklace behind when she left with Gulyas. I know how much it means to her. I should collect it and bring it to her.

The witch Gulyas said her home was between the eastern shore and a river. I should find Aneta, return her necklace, and make sure she’s all right.

It appears that the ritual was part of Gulyas’ attempt to calm Aneta’s uncontrolled magic.

Gulyas needs Aneta to gather rotting livers for what she described as a “unique rite” to control Aneta’s powers.

Aneta has gathered what she needs for this rite. We are to meet Gulyas in the Hidden Grove nearby.

Vera fled from the carnage inside the grove, and Aneta is following. I must catch up to them both before something terrible happens.

Aneta is still clearly mourning her mother, but she told me “the voices are finally quiet” as she walked off. Could this be the change she needed?


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 11438 Y: 16562

Vera will appear as soon as you have finished the last side quest.

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