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The Heretic Hawezar Side Quest


  • Search for survivors at the Abandoned Ruins.
  • Slay the Demons
  • Speak with the frightened girl
  • Help Aneta gather flowers: 0/3
  • Escort Aneta back to Zarbinzet
  • Speak with Aneta
  • Find Aneta
  • Enter the "Forgotten Cave" iconForgotten Cave
  • Save Aneta from the villagers
  • Slay the Demons
  • Speak with Aneta


This is the first quest in the questline The Heretic.

Detailed Location

  • Zarbinzet, Hawezar (Lv 30+)

In-Game Description

A spate of grisly deaths terrifies a group of villagers who fear a dark power is at work.

A man in Zarbinzet claimed someone is killing villagers with demonic magic. He asked me to search the ruins outside of town for survivors.

Aneta got nothing but a scolding for her kind gesture towards her mother. When angry townsfolk accused her of horrible crimes, her mother did nothing! I must find Aneta and protect her from the angry mob.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 9425 Y: 16492
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