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Pyre of Ash Scosglen Side Quest


  • Speak with Torben about Blackweald Company
    Torben will now explain a little more about the Blackweald Company and he is determined that no harm will befall the inn.

  • Find the source of the smoke
    The area the smoke is coming from is around the Recluse Hovel in the far south. Head over there to discover the "Embered Recess" iconEmbered Recess mini side dungeon.

  • Enter the Embered Recess
    Find the entrance and go inside to continue the quest.

  • Investigate the Embered Recess
    Go inside and run to the back where you will find a Charred Pyre. Examine it and members of the Blackweald Company will drop down from the ceiling and surround you. Torben will appear and begin a dialogue with the militants, after which you will be attacked.

  • Defeat the Blackweald ambushers
    The militants have the Mortar modifier which will constantly leave flaming circle AoEs around the room, making this a test of your dodging skill.

  • Speak with Torben
    After they are all dead, speak to Torben again and listen to him lament what was. You will learn more about Torben’s past and in doing so, will complete the quest.


+20 Scosglen Renown upon completion.

Detailed Location

This quest will begin automatically after completing "Claws at the Throat" iconClaws at the Throat.

In-Game Description

Torben told me the worn insignia belonged to a mercenary company from the Days of Ash. Blackweald Company. The same company of the fabled killer, the "Bear" iconBear of Blackweald. Torben seems disturbed by the idea that they have returned. I should speak with him to see how they’re related to the merchant killings.

As Torben was telling me about Blackweald Company, we were interrupted by news of a large fire spotted on the southern ridge. Torben seemed disquieted by the news, saying he believes the fires are connected to Blackweald Company’s return. He asked that I search for the source of the fires while he protects the Goose and its patrons.

I found the source of the smoke—a pyre of human corpses. Scorched bodies lead to a nearby cellar entrance. I’m sure to find answers within.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 14132 Y: 6550

Speak with Torben again after completing "Claws at the Throat" iconClaws at the Throat to continue.

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