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Kor Dragan Fractured Peaks Stronghold

In-Game Description

"Kor Dragan" iconKor Dragan is a Stronghold in the Fractured Peaks region, located to the north of the region. You can access it by ducking under a broken wall to the west of the fortress. You must complete the following objectives to cleanse this Stronghold:

  • Purge Kor Dragan of Vampiric Corruption
  • Slay Nilcar, the Forgotten Bishop

Once you cleanse this Stronghold, you’ll unlock a Campfire here (that will increase EXP gained when rested at) along with the ability for the “The Gathering Legions” World Event to spawn. This World Event has the chance to drop the Ghostly Reins Mount.

For more information on how to cleanse this Stronghold, check out our walkthrough here.

Detailed Location

  • North Fractured Peaks.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 13068 Y: 8071

This is the highest level Stronghold in the Fractured Peaks.

You need to remove all three Incubators to open up the way to the boss.

An exclusive World Event has a chance of appearing here once it has been cleansed.

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